Reasons Mercedes C Class Won’t Start After a Crash.

There a few reasons why your Mercedes C Class W205 wont start after a crash. You should never try to fix anything mechanical, technical, or electrical if you are not trained to do so. You could make things worse than they were originally were.

There are a few things that can cause your W205 Mercedes C Class may not start after an accident but a common reason is safety features in newer Mercedes cars.

Mercedes C Class W205 Wont Start If No Start After Crash Feature Has Been Activated.

In newer cars, not just in Mercedes vehicles, the car’s engine will be disabled in an event of a coalition. In some Ford and Alfa Romeo, the supply of fuel will be cut off after a crash. However, in a Mercedes, the start function is disabled. Your C Class W205  wont Start even with a light accident may likely trigger this safety feature.

You can replace all the deployed airbags and the car still will not start. You will need to get a professional diagnostic technician to enable the start function.

To enable the start engine on the Mercedes, the common OBD Scanners will not do the job. There are a lot of advanced scanners on the market that can not deactivate this feature “no start after crash”

Some diagnostics services charge over £250 to deactivate this feature even though you could buy the diagnostic equipment for around £500 and do it yourself. You will need to set the feature back to “start after crash” before the car starts again. Some garages might charge you less than £100 that is a reasonable fee for this type of service.

C Class W205 Wont Start

How to enable your C Class W205 which wont Start

The video shows you a quick way to reactivate engine to start.

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